We Offer Many Different

We Offer Many Different

Genres of Dance

Dance With Me offers a variety of classes for ages 2 though adults.

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We Will Come To You!

We Will Come To You!

Inquire Within for Information

We will bring our dance classes to your school, studio, or after school program. For more information, please contact us.

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Celebrating Season 11

Celebrating Season 11

est. 2004

Dance With Me is now in it's 11th year of business. Thank you everyone for your support as we work to inspire those we teach. Open since 2003 Dance With Me has always strived to teach dance as an art, developing technique, discipline, expression, musicality, and style!

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Find The Class That Fits You

Find The Class That Fits You

All Ages, All Levels

Dance With Me offers classes for ages 2-adult, find the one that fits you!

Now Accepting

Now Accepting

Fall Registration

Dance With Me is now accepting fall registration, time to bring some color into your life!

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Dance With Me

Dance With Me

About Us

Find out more about us and what we do best, teaching dance to all ages!



Creative Movement

An introductory dance class. Development of basic motor skills and coordination using the techniques of Ballet and Tap. Includes basic dance steps, activities, and roll playing to develop musical awareness, coordination, and self-confidence.

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Pre Ballet

This class continues to work on all the elements of creative movement but also introduces the basic ballet positions and preparatory steps. It focuses attention on phrasing, terminology musicality and ballet etiquette. Progressive levels of our pre-ballet programming gradually increase. The emphasis on ballet technique, building grace, poise, & strength required to execute the more demanding technical work in our ballet program. Beginning students start in Pre Ballet I. Promotion to levels II & III is by age & instructor recommendation.

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Hip Hop Jam

Attention Boys and Girls ages 3-7! Hip Hop is a mix of a funky, contemporary form of Jazz with a sharp street edge. This helps their stretching for flexibility, control, and strengthening.

Acro Jam

Attention Boys and Girls ages 3-7! Acro includes floor work, tumbling, cartwheels, forward rolls, crabwalks, etc. This class helps with stretching for flexibility, control, and strengthening.

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Ballet/Contemporary, Ballet Technique, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Acro II, Hip-Hop Jam, Company

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Now Accepting Fall Registration

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