• Creative Movement Classes
  • Recreational Youth Program
  • Competitive Company Program
  • Adult Classes
  • Award Winning Choreography
  • Private Lessons: All Styles, Weddings/ Couples, Group Routines and Audition Prep

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Creative Movement

An introductory dance class. Development of basic motor skills and coordination using the techniques of Ballet and Tap. Includes basic dance steps, activities, and roll playing to develop musical awareness, coordination, and self-confidence.

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Pre Ballet /Tap

This class continues to work on all the elements of creative movement but also introduces the basic ballet positions and preparatory steps. It focuses attention on phrasing, terminology musicality and ballet etiquette. Progressive levels of our pre-ballet programming gradually increase. The emphasis on ballet technique, building grace, poise, & strength required to execute the more demanding technical work in our ballet program. Beginning students start in Pre Ballet I. Promotion to levels II & III is by age & instructor recommendation.

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Hip Hop/Acro Jam I

Attention Boys and Girls ages 3-7! Hip Hop is a mix of a funky, contemporary form of Jazz with a sharp street edge. This helps their stretching for flexibility, control, and strengthening. Acro includes floor work, tumbling, cartwheels, forward rolls, crabwalks, etc. This class helps with stretching for flexibility, control, and strengthening.

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Ballet/Contemporary, Ballet Technique, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop/Acro Jam II, Company

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About Us

“Dance With Me” Dance Studio offers many different genres of dance. The studio teaches both male and female children age two to adult. Customer service is our number one priority. Our mission is to teach dance as an art, developing technique, discipline, expression, musicality, and style. If you are considering a career in dance, or just taking class for fun “Dance With Me” will be sure to provide you with the same professional care and attention.

Why Choose Us


Dance is a performing art; therefore, we believe a performance will complete your child’s dance education experience. We offer every student the opportunity to participate in our annual show. This is a highly rewarding experience for both parents and students. Our show is scheduled in June. All performers will attend a dress rehearsal and show.

Costumes are required for participants. This will enhance their performance as well as the students’ enthusiasm. There are no refunds on costumes that have already been ordered. Costumes are ordered in November. To cover the many production costs, we do charge an admission fee for family and friends who attend the show.